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Digital refractometer Atago PAL-22S for honey moisture

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Foto: PAL-22S: Digital refractometer Atago PAL-22S for honey moisture

Digital refractometer Atago PAL-22S for honey moisture


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The digital refractometer Atago PAL-22S is suitable for fast and accurate determination of honey moisture in the range from 12 to 30 %. There is also visible the sample/ambient temperature in Celsius degrees °C on the display.

Price tip: an affordable alternative to honey digital refractometer is the optical refractometer RHN1-ATC.

Scale Range Resolution Accuracy
Honey moisture (AOAC) 12 to 30 % 0.1 % ±0.2 %
Sample/ambient temperature 10 to 40 °C 0.1 °C ±1 °C

The measurement

The honey measuring is very easy. Place a few drops of honey on the cleaned sensor, press the button "Start" and the result value of honey moisture will be showed on the display.

General technical specifications

  • ATC - automatic temperature compensation: 10 to 40 °C
  • Min. sample volume: 0.3 ml
  • Measuring time: ≤ 3 s
  • Power source: 2 AAA bateries, 1.5 V (batteries are not included)
  • Battery life: ≥ 10000 readings (when alkaline batteries are used)
  • Dimensions: 55 x 31 x 109 mm (width x depth x length)
  • Weight: 100 g
  • Package contents: carrying box, refractometer, operating instructions in English

Honey digital refractometer, Atago, honey moisture, water content in honey


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