Refractometer for measuring of ABV (alcohol by volume)

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Foto: RAL1: Refractometer for measuring of ABV (alcohol by volume)


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This optical refractometer is designed for measuring of ABV (alcohol by volume, alcohol percentage by volume) of ethanol/water mixtures (optical alcohol meter). It is suitable for fruit brandies or other distillates which contain ethanol and water (Vodka, Juniper brandy, Bourbon, Whiskey, Whisky, distilled part of Gin, distilled part of Ouzo or Raki etc.).

It is NOT suitable for measuring of liquors or other alcoholic beverages which contain additional sugar!

For measuring the of alcohol content in the metric system is used percentage by volume (on the bottle label is used sign % VOL, % ABV, % alc/vol).

If you know the distillate volume in litres ("X") and measure alcohol percentage by volume ("Y") by using this refractometer, you can calculate the volume of pure alcohol in litres by multiplying both values and dividing the result by 100 (ABV = X * Y / 100).

For the fruit mash preparation we recommend the refractometer for measuring of fruit sweetness which is suitable for measuring of all fruits at the begin as well as during the fermentation process.

This refractometer is not equipped with automatic temperature compensation.

Scale range Resolution
0 to 80 % volume / volume 1 %

Tip: use our calculator for estimation of ethanol yield from fruit juice

The measurement

The distillate measuring is very easy. Place a few drops of measured liquid onto the prism, press slightly the cover plate to eliminate possible bubbles as well as air and the light/blue boundary will show you the result value.
For the most accurate measurement results must be respected the reference temperature of 20 °C.

General technical specifications

  • Reference temperature is 20 °C
  • This refractometer is not equipped with automatic temperature compensation
  • Possibility of focusing
  • Length ~ 200 mm
  • Quality technical design, metal body
  • Package contents: durable plastic case, refractometer, cleaning cloth, plastic pipette, screwdriver, operating instructions in English

Preview: Scale of the refractometer RAL1

Scale of the refractometer RAL1

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