Automotive, Cars

Do you already know what is the freezing point of your engine coolant, antifreeze or screenwash? And what the condition of electrolyte in your battery truly is?

Destilates, Brandy, Beer

Hmm, it tastes good... What is the alcoholic strength of this delicious distillate? Place one or two drops onto the prism and you will see.

Wine grape juice

Check the wine grape juice quality during ripening. You need just a few drops to determine its sugar content.

Honey moisture

Use our refractometer and measure the honey moisture. Refractometer is an excellent tool for beekeepers and food producers who want to keep an eye on the honey quality.

Sucrose, Saccharose, Brix

Versatile refractometers of the Brix serie - it measures liquids and solutions in the Brix grades (°Bx). Suitable for fruit juices, syrops, jams, jelly, marmalades as well as vegetable oils.

Refractive index

Versatile refractometers of the RI serie - it measures refractive index of liquids and solutions. Suitable for vegetable oils or other chemicals mostly in water.


The urine density (specific grafity) is an important indicator of kidneys work. Refractometer is a tool used in veterinary medicine as well as in human medicine.

Brine, Saline solution, Salt

Reefkeeping, washing of seafood meat in shops or brines preparation - all these activities require knowledge of the exact amount of salt in a water solution. We will help you to measure the salinity.

Milk, Dairy products

Water content in cow milk? Soya milk quality? You are able to measure it by using our refractometer.


Is it possible to measure coffee quality by using a refractometer?

Digital refractometrs

You can use also the digital technology instead of optics - it is a little bit more expensive and it needs batteries.

Benchtop refractometers

Benchtop Abbe refractometers - devices on the laboratory table.

MISCO refractometers

High-quality digital refractometers from american producer MISCO. Suitable for the most demanding users and professional use.

Refractometers for everybody

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Refractometers, optical refractometer, refractive index measurement

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You can find here pocket optical as well as digital refractometers for honey moisture, alcohol content, sweetness of wine grape must (Must weight, Mostwaage, Saccharimeter), engine coolants and antifreezes, accumulator electrolyte, screenwashes, metalworking lubricants, coolants, and fluids, salt water, seawater, brines, blood proteins or urine measurement.

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