Estimation of ethanol yield from fruit juice

This calculator helps to estimate the ethanol yield from fruits that is used for preparation of fruit fermentation mash.

by using our refractometer you can measure directly the fruit mash or the filtered juice. There are solid parts in the fruit mash (called as "non-sugars") that affect the refractive index and it is necessary to decrease the amount of sugar. Filtrated juice does not contain the "non-sugars" it is nearly pure aqueous sucrose solution.

Fruits for fermentation
I measure before the fermentation (juice WITHOUT ETHANOL)
Measured sugar content °Bx (we are recommending refractometer RBR32-ATC)
I want a distillate containing %VOL (we are recommending refractometer RAL1)

From 100 litres of measured solution you can get with proper treatment liters of ethanol.