How to buy?

Dear (European) customers,
we are very glad that you visit our refractometer catalogue and e-shop. Take advantage of the online store and order a refractometer directly from your office or your home. All products are described in detail, including the possibility of use, measurement procedure and technical specifications. There is also a preview of the measuring scale at the optical refractometers detail page.

We divided the products into categories according to its application, according to kind of refractometer use.

Step 1 - Shopping - inserting products into your cart

By browsing the product categories choose the product you want to purchase, type a number how many pieces you want to order and press the button "Add to basket" to insert the selected product into the basket. In the upper right corner you will see the total price of the goods in the shopping basket which also linked to the form to complete your order.

Step 2 - Checkout - check ordered products, enter contact information

You have several options how to go to form to complete your order. There is a button "Proceed to checkout >" in the order overview box in the upper right corner of each page, the link "Proceed to checkout >" in the left menu and also the link in the information which is displayed immediately when you add the product into the shopping basket.

When you use one of this options, you will see the order overview in detail and you have there also the last opportunity to change the amount of the ordered products. Then please fill the complete form in by using your contact and invoicing data, confirm the General terms and conditions agreement and press the button "Go to the overview before order submitting >".

Step 3 - Overview - check entered data before order submitting

Please make a thorough inspection of all entered data to avoid misunderstandings, such as sending the order confirmation to a wrong e-mail address, sending the shipment to a wrong address, and so on. If everything is OK, press "Submit order >" and the order will be submitted.

Step 4 - Finish - Information about the submitted order

There is displayed a message that the order has been successfully submitted, detailed instructions how to do the payment and information when will be the shipment tracking code sent.

The copy of your order is sent to your e-mail address. It contains a list of ordered products, price information and also detailed instructions how to do the payment.
In the case you have not received this e-mail please do not hesitate to contact us. Of course we send it to you again. There is a few reasons why it happens:

  • the e-mail is in your SPAM folder - please check this folder if you use such kind of the e-mail filtration,
  • you entered wrong e-mail address - it mostly caused by mild inattention and small concentration,
  • the e-mail might be discarded by your primary e-mail server before it arrived into your e-mail account - please contact your administrator and ask them for help.

The shipment will be delivered to your address, which you have entered in the order complete form. We try to choose the best kind of transport for each country. Once the shipment is registered in the carrier system we will send you a tracking number and details of its delivery.

In most cases the delivery time takes from 3 to 5 days, mostly you will receive the tracking number from 24 to 32 hours after you send the order.

The delivery price list you can find in General terms and conditions.

Contact, Wholesale

In case of any question relating to the topic of ordering process or relating to the topic of a wholesale cooperation please do not hesitate to contact us.