Brix refractometers for sucrose measuring

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This category includes versatile optical refractometers equipped with versatile scale Brix which is suitable for measuring of any chemical substance.
Very often we recommend them for measuring of sucrose content in aqueous solution - fruit juices, vegetable juices, oil emulsion etc.

Refractometers are equipped with a Brix degrees (°Bx) scale to determine how many grams of sucrose is dissolved in 100 g of sugar aqueous solution. The degree Brix represents the strength of the solution as percentage by mass (sugar mass fraction). The results Brix are fully convertible to refractive index (the degrees Brix are defined an international standard ICUMSA) that is why the refractometers from this category can be used for measuring of any chemicals.

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Refractometer for fruit juices and salt solution, brines

Foto: RBS2-ATC: Refractometer for fruit juices and salt solution, brines
Fruit juices Brine, Salt

This optical refractometer equipped with two scales is designed for measuring of sugar content in aqueous solution as well as salt dissolved in water (fruit juices, salt infusion and brines):

  • Brix - sugar content - 0 to 32 °Bx. The measurement precision is ±0.2 °Bx.
  • Salinity - 0 to 28 %. The scale resolution is 0.2 %.

This refractometer is equipped with automatic temperature compensation.

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