Refractometers in the mechanical engineering and chemical industry

Heat engines, solar thermal collectors, maintenance of building equipment

In this field can be used especially refractometer for measuring the ethylene glycol-based and propylene glycol-based heat-transfer fluids. It is originally a refractometer for automotive - for testing of operating fluids. But this model can be used also as a refractometer for solar thermal collectors, refractometer for measuring of antifreeze etc.

Metalworking industry

In the metalworking industry finds applications the refractometer for measuring of metalworking (oil) fluids, coolants for metalworking machines and tools. For measuring of metalworking fluids of very low concentrations we offer a model with smaller scale better for reading of low measured values.

Chemical industry, oil products, oil spills

For these purposes are suitable all versatile refractometers in our catalogue refractometers for refractive index measuring or Brix refractometers.