Refractometer for seawater

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Foto: RSA1-ATC: Refractometer for seawater
Marine aquatics


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This optical refractometer (salino meter, salt meter, salinity meter) is equipped with two scales for measuring of salinity of aqueous solutions:
  • Content of sodium chloride in per mille (ppt, promile, permille, permill)
  • Specific gravity of sodium chloride aqueous solution g/cm3

This refractometer is very sensitive and accurate, suitable for reef-keeping, marine aquatics, saltwater pools, measuring of water for washing seafood, saline mineral water, preparation of inhalation solutions and salt solution of very low concentrations.

Example: If the seawater salinity is 36 ‰ is means that in one kilogramme is dissolved 36 grams of sodium chloride.

Scale range Resolution
0 to 100 ‰ 1 ‰
1.000 to 1.070 0.001

Water salinity

Fresh water < 0.5 ‰
Brackish water 0.5 to 30 ‰
Saline water 30 to 50 ‰
Brine > 50 ‰

The measurement

The liquids measuring is very easy. Place a few drops of measured liquid onto the prism, press slightly the cover plate to eliminate possible bubbles as well as air and the light/blue boundary will show you the result value.

General technical specifications

  • Reference temperature is 20 °C
  • ATC - automatic temperature compensation (in temperature range from 10 to 30 °C)
  • Possibility of focusing
  • Length ~ 200 mm
  • Quality technical design, metal body
  • Package contents: durable plastic case, refractometer, cleaning cloth, plastic pipette, screwdriver, operating instructions in English

Preview: Scale of the refractometer RSA1-ATC

Scale of the refractometer RSA1-ATC