Refractometer for urine of cats, dogs and large animals

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Foto: RUR5-ATC: Refractometer for urine of cats, dogs and large animals


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This optical refractometer is designed for veterinary and is equipped with three scales for measuring of animal urine characteristics:

Scale Scale range Resolution
Dog and large animal specific gravity SG 1.000 to 1.060 0.001
Cat urine specific gravity SG 1.000 to 1.060 0.001
Serum proteins (blood proteins, plasma proteins) g / 100 ml 2 to 14 g / 100 ml 0.1 g / 100 ml

TIP: Would you like to measure more characteristics? Build own special refractometer!

To determine the urine specific gravity (density) can be also used Urinometer. In comparison with the urinometer is refractometer very effective. You need only a few drops of urine and you need not recalculate the result according the urine temperature because the refractometer is equipped with an ATC (automatic temperature compensation).

Why are there two scales for measuring of specific gravity?

At the beginning of the explanation is necessary to repeat that the refractometer measures "only" the refractive index of a liquid. If we know the dependence of the refractive index on the liquid specific gravity, it is possible to design a refractometer scale where can be the specific gravity read directly.

In 1956 has been published a scientific study (author M. E. Rubini) which states that dog urine and cat urine of the same specific gravity have different refractive index. The author also shows that for the same refractive index get two different specific weight. This study demonstrated that cat urine has a greater refraction and if it is used the scale for measuring of human urine, we will obtain misleading results - especially for high-concentrated samples.

The measurement

The urine measuring is very easy. Place a few drops of measured liquid onto the prism, press slightly the cover plate to eliminate possible bubbles as well as air and the light/blue boundary will show you the result value.

General technical specifications

  • Reference temperature is 20 °C
  • ATC - automatic temperature compensation (in temperature range from 0 to 30 °C)
  • Possibility of focusing
  • Length ~ 160 mm
  • Quality technical design, metal body
  • Package contents: durable plastic case, refractometer, cleaning cloth, plastic pipette, screwdriver, operating instructions in English

Preview: Scale of the refractometer RUR5-ATC

Scale of the refractometer RUR5-ATC

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