Set of syringe filters for coffee and espresso (50 pcs)

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Foto: VST-FILTER-KIT-50: Set of syringe filters for coffee and espresso (50 pcs)


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Brand: VST Inc



  • For each purchased VST-COFFEE refractometer you can get 1 this filter set with 30% discount!

To get proper results when you measure espresso is necessary to remove suspended (undissolved) solids and CO2 gas from. These substances has a significant effect on the light beam refraction what caused inaccurate or wrong measurement results - the scale embedded in the refractometer is designed for espresso which contains dissolved solids only.

Coffee, brewed with drip gravity methods, and paper or cloth filters does not neet to be filtered before the measurement.

Coffee brewed with metal filters (such as press-pot, Clover®, trifecta or Swiss Gold), as well ass coffee brewed without filters (such as coffee prepared for cupping, cold-processed or turkish method) should be filtered before the measurement.

If you use Aeropress® machines, where are used paper filters but there are is high pressure  and the coffee contains sediments. Coffee prepared in this way should be filtered before the measurement too.

The same fine grounded coffee or espresso should be filtered before measurement, even if they are brewed through paper filters.

Package contains:

  • 50 syringe filters for espresso,
  • 5 Luer-lock syringes, volume 10 ml,
  • instructions of use.


  1. Allow to cool the espresso for about 1 minute, the CO2 will diffuse out too. Then stir the sample for about 5 seconds.
  2. Place the syringe tip into the sample, under the crema, and draw approximately 3 or 4 mL of espresso. The syringe tip must be above the cup bottom.
  3. Attach the syringe filter and tighten it carefully, but not too tightly.
  4. Take a clean glass and express there slowly about 2 mL of filtered espresso. Then allow this sample to cool form 30 to 60 seconds.
  5. Use a clean and dry pipette and transfer the sample to sample well. Allow the sample to cool there for 20 or 30 seconds to equibrilate samle and refractometer temperatures.
  6. Now you can take a sample reading.

Generally, one filter is required for each measument. You will avoid to sample contamination by previously filtered solids!

IMPORTANT: The syringe filter are NON-STERILE, do not NEVER DRINK the filtered espresso!


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