Coffee tamper 58.40 mm BH Pergtamp

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Foto: VST-TAMPER-BH: Coffee tamper 58.40 mm BH Pergtamp


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Warranty: 24 months ?



The tamper diameter 58.4 mm is suitable for all VST precision filter baskets (except VST-7-STD).
Thanks to tamper construction (unique double flange) can the air leak while the coffee is compressing and the coffee surface will not be raised when the tamper is lifted.

Although the tamper looks robust, its weight is only 260 g. Its ergonomic shape minimizes hand fatigue and is suitable for any hand size and grip style.

The tamper body is made from light, black hard anodized aluminium. The flat tamper base is made from stainless steel 304. The shape of the tamping surface is designed to minimize the amount of uncompressed coffee in the precision VST filter basket.

  1. a tamper with rounded edge of its base - the amount of uncompressed coffee is significantly larger than when using a quality tamper
  2. the tamper BH Pergtamp - uncompressed amount of coffee is absolutely minimal - the difference between the BH Pergtamp diameter and the diameter of precision stainless steel filter basket VST is only 0.1 mm

The tamper occasionally falls to the ground during normal operation. It happens. If the stainless steel tamping surface is damaged, there is no need to replace the tamper completely. The base is easily replaceable and can be unscrewed.

For perfect protection during transport and carrying is the tamper delivered in a sturdy, zipper carrying case, filled with foam, into which you can the tamper safely store.