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High-quality digital refractometers from American company MISCO are designed for the most demanding users and professional use.
Their durable construction achieves degree of protection IP 64 (protected against dust tight and splashing of water).
Non-linear automatic temperature compensation ensures high precise results in the temperature range from 0 to 50 °C although the ambient temperature is varying.

Thanks to sophisticated design and high variability of MISCO refractometers we are able to offer you a unique opportunity to build your own digital refractometer. It can be equipped with 5 scales according to your choice!

The advantages of digital refractometers MISCO are very well described in the following video clip.

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Digital refractometer MISCO for automotive

Foto: MISCO-CAR: Digital refractometer MISCO for automotive
Coolant Antifreeze AdBlue
High-quality digital refractometer from american company MISCO is designed especially for professional car mechanics and technicians. It is equipped with five scales for measuring of following characteristics:
  • Propylene glycol: 0 to -51 °C (1 °C)
  • Ethylene glycol: 0 to -59 °C (1 °C)
  • Ethanol: 0 to -46 °C (1 °C)
  • Glycerol (glycerine, glycerin): 0 to -43 °C (1 °C)
  • Urea (Ad Blue®/DEF): 0 to 50 % (0.1 %)

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