Refractometers for saline solutions measuring (salt water, seawater, brine)

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Refractometers in this category are designed especially for measuring of brines used for brining and pickling, for measuring of seawater used in saltwater pools or marine aquariums (saltwater aquarium).

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Refractometer for seawater

Foto: RSA1-ATC: Refractometer for seawater
Marine aquatics
This optical refractometer (salino meter, salt meter, salinity meter) is equipped with scales for measuring of following characteristics:
  • Salinity - ppt (per mile, pro mile) content of sodium chloride in water
  • Specific gravity of sodium chloride aqueous solution g/cm3

Very sensitive and accurate, suitable for reef-keeping, saltwater pools, measuring of water for washing seafood, saline mineral water and salt solution of very low concentrations.

This refractometer is equipped with automatic temperature compensation.

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