Refractometers in the automotive industry

There is several models designed for automotive industry.

Ad Blue

Refractometer for testing of AdBlue® quality (Ad Blue) is synthetic urea which is used in diesel engined vehicles equipped with SCR technology (Selective catalytic reduction) used to treat exhaust gases to the level of emission standards Euro 4 and Euro 5.

Coolants, Screenwash - Washer fluid, battery electrolyte

A versatile refractometer for motorists is designed for checking of operating the most common operating fluids used in cars, trucks and buses. Antifreezes and coolants (based on ethylene glycol or based on propylene glycol), windshield wiper fluids (based on ethanol or based on isopropanol), battery electrolyte and also above described Ad Blue (32,5 % aqueous solution of a synthetic urea).

Brake fluid

There is no versatile refractometer suitable for all brake fluids. The composition of the brake fluids which are available on the market is so diverse that it is impossible to use one versatile refractometer for all products from all manufacturers. If you are looking for a brake fluid refractometer try our configurator of digital refractometer MISCO. There is a few scales suitable for specific brake fluids from specific producers.