Refractometer for brines

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Foto: RSA2-ATC: Refractometer for brines


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This optical refractometeris used for measuring of aqueous solution salinity in the range from 0 to 28 %. Sometimes it is called as "brine meter".

This refractometer is suitable for preparation of brines in bakery, salty cheese plants (e.g. Jadel, Mozzarella, Greek cheese Feta, Balkan cheese, Bulgarian cheese, bjalo sirene, white cheese, salad cheese, sheep cheese), meat brining before grilling, meat and vegetable pickling solutions or also for example for winter road maintenance.

Scale range Resolution
0 to 28 % 0.2 %

Example: One kilogramme of water where is dissolved 100 grams of sodium chloride has a salinity of 10 %.

Water salinity

Fresh water < 0.5 ‰
Brackish water 0.5 to 30 ‰
Saline water 30 to 50 ‰
Brine > 50 ‰

Tip: for measuring of aqueous salt solution of very low concentration use model designed for seawater

The measurement

The liquids measuring is very easy. Place a few drops of measured liquid onto the prism, press slightly the cover plate to eliminate possible bubbles as well as air and the light/blue boundary will show you the result value.

General technical specifications

  • Reference temperature is 20 °C
  • ATC - automatic temperature compensation (in temperature range from 10 to 30 °C)
  • Possibility of focusing
  • Length ~ 175 mm
  • Quality technical design, metal body
  • Package contents: durable plastic case, refractometer, cleaning cloth, plastic pipette, screwdriver, operating instructions in English

Preview: Scale of the refractometer RSA2-ATC

Scale of the refractometer RSA2-ATC

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