Precision stainless filter basket for espresso VST 7 grams - standard (ridged)

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Foto: VST-7-STD: Precision stainless filter basket for espresso VST 7 grams - standard (ridged)


Price: 45,00 EUR

Price excl. VAT: 37,19 EUR

VAT: 21 %

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Warranty: 24 months ?



Standard precision filter for 7 grams dose of coffee (size EUR).

The filter basket is ridged for a stronger grip in the portafilter and also for compensating of the difference in their diameters.


  • All VST precision filter are warranted for zero defects. Holes are formed using a new micro-machine and finishing process.
  • All holes are measured for circularity, placement, square area and blocked holes.
  • 100% of holes are measured on every filter for min/max range and hard limits on area and diameter to a precision of better than +/- 30 µm.
  • Filters are matched for total square area opening to +/- 5% to ensure identical group-to-group performance. Typical filters vary from -50 to +100%!
  • Hole pattern is centered to +/- 1.0 mm and placement is oriented for uniform extraction throughout the entire puck.
  • Wide outlet angle prevents clogging, anti-wear design ensures uniform extraction performance for life of product.
  • Improved structural integrity, 20% heavier than standard filters, highly polished inside treatment and profile for clean knock-out.
  • Each VST filter is marked with a unique 2-D code to ensure authenticity and specifications. 2-D code stores-factory measurement, quality reports and image data.


Designed to fit most 60mm Portafilters.

  • VST precision filters fit into most of portafilters E61.
  • VST precision filters 25 g, 22 g and 7 g fit all La Marzocco and most Synesso and Nuova Simonelli models using their standard portafilters. The machines Faema, La Cimbali and Rancilio must use a bottomless portafilter.
  • VST precision filters 20 g, 18 g and 15 g can be used in most of machines La Marzocco, Synesso, Nuova Simonelli, Faema, La Cimbali and Rancilio, equipped with standard portafilters.
  • VST precision filters 22 g, 20 g and 18 g are compatible with La Marzocco SWIFT Grinder.

Compare the height of the filter in the table below to depth of your portafilter.

Capacities and Dimensions

VST filter Dose weight
Outside diameter
Tamper diameter
VST 25 g (Triple+)24 - 2630.060.058.3 - 58.4
VST 22 g (Triple)21 - 2328.0
VST 20 g (Competition)19 - 2126.0
VST 18 g (Double)17 - 1924.2
VST 15 g (Double-EUR)14 - 1622.0
VST 7 g (EUR)728.060.040.7 - 40.9

Food Safety Certifications

  • RoHS
  • EU
  • US FDA

Competition Class

Each new VST Precision Filter is optimized for use with specific capacities in dose weight of coffee. The 20g VST Competition filter is the the preferred dose used in WCE and WBC competitions, and in many specialty cafes and coffee shops.

VST 20-gr Precision Competition Filter - Official Filter of the WBC Championship 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019.


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