Refractometers in the health care, animal husbandry and veterinary medicine

Human blood and urine

Refractometer for measuring of urine is equipped with three scales for the measuring of urine specific gravity, refractive index and serum proteins.

Animal blood and urine (cats, dogs and large animals)

During the research of animal urine specific gravity has been concluded that although the value of cats urine specific gravity and other animals (e.g. dogs) urine specific gravity is the same the refractive index is different. Therefore we have a specialized refractometer for veterinary purposes in our offer. This refractometer is equipped with three scales, two for measuring of urine specific gravity and one for measuring of serum proteins.

Horse breeding, cattle breeding, animal husbandry

In the modern approach of horse and cattle breeding may find application a versatile Brix refractometer which is suitable for measuring of colostrum (beastings, bisnings, first milk) quality.
Several mutually independent scientific studies have verified that horse and cow colostrum can be considered to be good if the measured value reaches approx. 21 - 22 °Bx and more. There were tested both native colostrum and frozen colostrum..

Reef keeping

For reefkeepers we offer a refractometer for measuring of water salinity. It is equipped with two scales: Salinity scale in the range from 0 to 100 ‰ and scale for measuring of salt water specific gravity in the range from 1.000 to 1.070. Of course this model can be used also for salt water pools, salt solution of very low concentrations, for measuring of saline mineral water or for checking of water salinity used for seafood washing.